Crisalix 4D Virtual Reality Imaging

Upload your photos and get ready to see your new self online with our virtual reality technology!  Schedule a Zoom consultation and see what you’ll look like after your surgery with Crisalix.  Pick your implant brand and size, refine your facial features, and plan body contouring procedures all with your very own three dimensional images.  During an in-office consultation you can visualize yourself with Oculus 4-Dimensional Virtual Reality Glasses!  Imported from Switzerland, Crisalix will help you really see what your surgery results may look like.  Great for planning breast, face, rhinoplasty and body procedures.  Come in and see for yourself! #CRISALIX

Please call to schedule your consultation at least 48 hours in advance to receive your special Crisalix code from Dr. Ting in order to load your selfies and generate your 3-D self! 

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