One of the most common effects of the aging process is a loss of volume in the face. With time, the cheeks can begin to look “hollow,” while fine lines and wrinkles appear across the forehead and brow. There are several solutions to address this issue, allowing you to regain lost volume and youthful appearance. For patients seeking a non-surgical option, the liquid facelift procedure may be the best option.

A liquid facelift involves dermal fillers to add volume to the cheeks, forehead, lips, and elsewhere on the face. We are pleased to provide this treatment option for patients at Veritas Plastic Surgery in Walnut Creek, CA.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for a liquid facelift tend to be men and women dealing with a loss of skin volume. These candidates may not want to undergo a full facelift procedure, due to scarring, surgical risk, or extended recovery time.

Additionally, the liquid facelift can be a useful way to adjust or “touch up” the results of patients who have already had a full facelift performed.

The best way to determine your candidacy for a safe and successful procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vivian Ting. She will assess your skin condition and medical history to ensure you are eligible for a liquid facelift.

Why Do People Choose Liquid Facelifts Instead?

While a liquid facelift procedure cannot deliver the same results as a full facelift, some patients may find this approach preferable. One reason for this is that liquid facelifts are performed entirely via injectables. What this means is that there is no need for incisions, and thus there is no scarring. During a liquid facelift, topical anesthesia may be used, but it is generally not necessary for patients to be “put under.”

Liquid facelifts are performed on an outpatient basis and may take as little as 15-30 minutes to complete. There will likely be some mild to moderate bruising and swelling for a few days, but the recovery period is minor.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The answer can vary from patient to patient, as everyone’s body tolerates fillers differently. Most patients will experience results for at least six months, and some may enjoy their results for as long as 24 months.

If your results begin to fade, you can always contact Veritas Plastic Surgery to schedule a follow-up session. By touching up your results, we can help them last even longer.

To learn more about having a liquid facelift performed in the Walnut Creek, CA area, we welcome you to contact us at your convenience.