BodyTite-Post-1Scarless Arm, Breast, and Back Lift with BodyTite RFAL

Dr. Vivian Ting is the first plastic surgeon in Northern California to offer the revolutionary new method for fat reduction and tightening called BodyTite! With radiofrequency energy-assisted liposuction, Dr. Ting can achieve:

Scarless brachioplasty (arm lift)

Scarless back lift

Scarless mastopexy (breast lift) and gynecomastia correction

Tummy reduction and flank tightening

often with no general anesthesia, in one simple procedure! BodyTite generates more skin tightening than all other competitors on the market (laser liposuction, vaser). Why waste time and money on multiple trips to freeze your fat without any significant skin tightening when you can have everything done in one painless, awake and highly effective procedure? Come in and see why BodyTite is superior to the rest!